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After many years of riding rigid choppers I came to the conclusion that although a rigid is very aggressive looking it wasn’t very comfortable. So I contacted a friend and customer of mine that also rode a rigid chopper and asked him to help me design a product that would help with those common issues of riding a rigid bike. After a couple of in-shop meetings we came up with the RideaiR fully adjustable air bladder. It is 100% eurothayne and only 1/16th of an inch thick! When installed and aired up it's only 1/8' to1/4” thick. It is installed on top of the foam but under the cover. You still keep the clean sleek lines of your seat while getting the comfort of sitting on air. As you ride, the air is diverted back and forth and side to side depending on where your body positioning needs the air. You can add or remove air depending on your personal comfort level. It has many positive attributes. Such as relieving pressure from your prostate, absorbing vibration and lowering sudden shock and impacts from bumps and pot holes.

These bags can be made to fit into ANY bike or seat, even seats with buttons or pillow topped seats... So please take a look at the examples given and remember that just because you ride doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable anymore.

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Air Ride Technology is essential for the most comfortable ride you've ever had!

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